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Barcelona > Sónar 2016

New success for Sónar 2016 in Barcelona in its number 23 edition. The festival has remained stable in terms of the number of visitors, 115,000 visitors from 101 nationalities during these three days of festival and as for the quality of artists guests. In 72 hours, assistatns could enjoy great concerts of artists as […]

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Scalada: Vision 2016

Le Cirque du Soleil strikes again in Andorra with the one and only free show in Europe different from everything you have seen so far.

A magical scenery that will take you to a world in which reality and fiction are fusioned by a moving story. A new imaginary, surreal and futuristic world of the […]

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Multivan: 7 passengers enjoying the most confortable vehicle

if Rent offers within the 7seater category our VW Multivan. Finally in the world of car rental 7 passengers can travel comfortably with their luggage without going tight and without willing to get off as soon as possible. We want you experience travelling as a pleasure. And the most interesting fact: at better prices […]

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